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Nada Yoga:

The Power of Mantra

2 or more classes - 5.5hrs 

This workshop offers a deep understanding of the ultimate supremacy of sound; the all pervading vibratory essence of the universe.

Words hold the power to name and associate meaning to everything within our comprehension. As such, we approach word, thought, & mantra as Paravak: Shakti as supreme speech. 

From this understanding of the power of each word, we can begin to appreciate the abstract power the Bija (Seed) Mantras of Sanskrit, including Om.

This workshop explores mantra as a tool to focus, purify, worship & evoke. A basic outline of the major deities of the Indian Pantheon are given along with their mantras. We also discuss Bhakti Yoga, the mystical power of music, the importance of opening the Vishuddha chakra.

The first class of this workshop contains a long session of discussion. The second class is a sample of what may be extended out into several classes of mantra practice with relevant discussion.

Class 1:

Supreme Sound

3 Hours

Discussion: (1.5 hours)

Spiritual & scientific understandings of vibration as the essence of existence 

Om: origin, meaning, pronunciation & approaches to practice

Paravak: speech as supreme Shakti

Sanskrit Marga: sound syllables and Bija Mantra

Thought, speech & incantation

Trimurti: Energies of Creation, Sustainment & Destruction 

Vishuddha Chakra & the purification of the voice & mind

Mantra Sadhana: Approaches to practice, Japa Mala

Practice (1.5 hour)

Self Inquiry: Relationship to voice

Bija Mantras: Om, Aim, Hrim, Shrim

Japa or Bhajan: Ganesh, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga & Kali

Akash Meditation

Class 2:


1.5 Hours

Practice & Discussion: (1.5 hours)

Om Practice

Gayatri Mantra

Divine Masculine: Brahma, Vishnu & Krishna, Shiva

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Shiva Meditation


YTTs: USD $108 per hour

Receive a 10 % discount if you include 2 or more workshops in your YTT.

Studios: USD $35 per person

Studio rental is additional.

The content of this course is adaptable to fit within the context of your Yoga Teacher Training schedule. This is really just a brief outline of the content I have to share on this topic, which may be expanded into a much larger series of workshops. I am also available for Sacred Singing Circles or Kirtan. 

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