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Prana & Pranayama

4 Classes, 12 Hours

This 4 part workshop series offers an in-depth exploration of the Pranic practices of 
Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya & Mudra. 

This advanced content is designed specifically for Yoga Teacher Trainings, covering all of the major techniques of Pranayama, practiced in depth and discussed in detail. 

Seated Pranayama is often difficult to access for students who are easily distracted. In combination with classical Pranayama, I share a highly accessible approach from the Krishnamacharya lineage, which pairs slow cyclical movements with specific breath patterns, helping students remain intimately connected to their expression of the breath. 

These are perfect teaching tools for students of all levels, delivered in both experiential & intellectual context. 


Class 1:

Prana Shakti & Pranayama

3 Hours

Ujjai breath

Antara & Bahya Kumbhaka

Spanda Meditation

Practice: (1 hour)

Discussion (2 hours)

What is Prana?
Personal, Environmental & Maha Prana

Spanda Shakti

5 Elements interrelationship

Prana as the breath

What is Pranayama? 

Classical & contemporary approaches to breath.

5 Vayus & the potential movements of Prana.

Class 2:

Pranayama Techniques

3 Hours

Practice: (1 hour)


Antara & Bahya Kumbhaka


Counting the breath

Sama & VisamaVritti

Discussion (2 hours)

Details of practice and teaching methods for Ujjai, Antara & Bahya Kumbhaka, Viloma, Sama & Visama Vritti.

Lifecycles & the 4 parts of the breath.

Methods for tracking the breath: Listening, counting, mantra.

Teaching approaches & applications to the Pranayama techniques explored. 

Class 3:

Bandha's & Nadi's

3 Hours


Mula, Uddiyana & Jalandhara Bandha

Anulom Vilom

Nadi Shodhana

Practice: (1 hour)

Discussion (2 hours)

Physical anatomy & energetic nature of the bandhas.

Practice and teaching methods for Mula, Uddiyana & Jalandhara Bandha.

Cautions and contraindications for bandhas.

Ida, Pingala & Susumna Nadi in relationship to alternate nostril breathing

Anulom Vilom & Nadi Shodhana.

Class 4:

Kriya & Mudra

3 Hours

Practice: (1 hour)


Nadi Shodhana



Nauli Kriya 


Shambhavi, Ketchari, Kali, Padma & Jnana Mudra

Discussion (2 hours)

Practice and teaching methods for Bastrika, Kapalabatti, Nauli Kriya, Brahmari.

Approaches & contraindications for breath-related Kriya.

Function of Mudras.

Integration of Kriya & Mudra into asana & pranayama practice.

Conclusion & Q & A.


YTTs: USD $108 per hour

Receive a 10 % discount if you include 2 or more workshops in your YTT.

Studios: All 4 workshops for USD $150 per person

Studio rental is additional.

This Prana & Pranayama workshop series is best to be followed by the Esoteric Anatomy & Kundalini Shakti Module.

The content of this course is adaptable to fit within the context of your Yoga Teacher Training schedule. This is really just a brief outline of the content I have to share on this topic, and this curriculum may be easily expanded into a much larger training.

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