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Feminine Rhythms 

& Approaches to Practice

1 Class

2 Hours Practice

2 Hours Discussion

The deep feminine radiates 

as the all powerful pulsation of life. 

Her wisdom is the natural law,

of rhythms and seasons.


Her strength is Supreme Intuition.

Her listening stirs all of manifestation

Into dynamic expression.


She is both the call and the response. 

She is the creativity present

within all of creation.

This workshop has been designed to compliment Yoga Teacher Trainings, but is easily approached by students of all levels and is perfect as a feature workshop at yoga studios or festivals.

This workshop discusses the deep femininewhich is both beyond gender, and bound to it.


This workshop firstly seeks to create clear understandings of the labels of “masculine” and “feminine” in relation to Yogic Philosophy.

We look at the Tantric concept of Shiva-Shakti and also the Taoist philosophy of Yin-Yang, comparing these viewpoints and outlining the fundamental differences between the two systems.


This session discusses the seasons of nature and lunar phases, and observes the menstrual cycle as a reflection of this cosmic rhythm. We discuss how to intuitively practice in a way which cultivates balance and harmony within both the seasons of life and the phases of the menstrual cycle.


We look at different attitudes and taboos surrounding menstruation; modern & ancient, social & spiritual. Using self-inquiry, we unravel our own personal beliefs and behaviours, discussing ways to honour and empower women within their cycle. 


We also discuss the gifts of menstruation - as a powerful portal into the inner world; a potent meditative container with the potential for heightened sensory capacity and greater access to deep Pranic states. 


We compare traditional Hatha Yoga approach to asana practice and discuss the virtues of the more “masculine” practice. We also discuss the “feminine” approach to asana; as a practice of deep listening and non-linear intuitive movement, and how this approach can benefit women during menstruation. We also talk about how to strike a balance between the two approaches in order to cultivate a deeper sense of harmony in the body and in life. 


This class includes a gentle ‘Feminine Flow’ asana Qi Gong & meditation practice to ground the discussion into the body.


YTTs: USD $108 per hour

Receive a 10 % discount if you include 2 or more workshops in your YTT.

Studios: USD $50 per person

Studio rental is additional

The content of this course is adaptable to fit within the context of your Yoga Teacher Training schedule. This is really just a brief outline of the content I have to share on this topic, which may be expanded to incorporate the discussion of Ojas & Sexual Cultivation techniques for women.

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