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The Red Tent

Sacred Womens Circle

1 Class, 2 Hours

The Red Tent honours the ancient call for women to gather together to connect to their womb, speak their truth and celebrate sisterhood.


The intention of these gatherings is to craft a powerful container where women feel safe to unravel their inner world and share their triumphs and pains. Together we are able to witness the deep wisdom held within each heart, without trying to fix or solve anything. The Red Tent is a unified field of authentic connection and free expression where the shadow is welcomed into the light. 


The idea of a menstrual hut existed in most ancient cultures when women came together to bleed directly onto the ground. The female cycle was revered and worshipped for its life bearing capacity. Consequently women honoured their bodies once a month whilst living life at a different pace without their usual responsibilities and resting.


This moon-time ritual has been lost in modern culture which strives to push through the waves of womanhood in order to sustain regular work patterns, and where families often live in segregated homes. This disconnection between women and nature is reflected by women bleeding at any point in the moon cycle, rather than all together at the new moon.

The Red Tent is a dedicated place to talk about women’s spirituality & phases of womanhood, as well as relationships, dreams, personal growth, purpose and existential insight. The Red Tent honours the sanctity of 'womens business', and what happens in the circle stays in the circle, including what is said by everyone. When you enter the Red Tent you agree to keep the confidence of others.

Each Red Tent circle features a different theme to be processed through a combination of elements which may include; contemplation, personal sharing, song, movement, meditation, prayer and craft.

The Red Tent

2 Hours

Casting the circle

Introduction & theme

Meditation & contemplation

Personal sharing & witnessing

Embodied practice, singing or craft

Closing the circle

Haylee holds The Red Tent Womens Circle weekly in Ubud, Bali, and is available to host Red Tent gatherings for Yoga Studios, retreats and YTT's. 

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