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Alignment Adjustment 

For Yoga Teachers

3 Classes, 9 Hours

This experiential immersion has been designed to educate Yoga Teachers on how to deliver safe and effective alignment adjustments, both with and without the use of physical touch. 

This program is set out in three specialized workshops designed for Yoga Teacher Trainings. Additional sessions of the Contact Beyond Contact dance process may be added to this schedule to further explore and embody this content.


Drawing from over 14 years of experience, Haylee combines elements of bodywork, yoga, energy work, and Contact Beyond Contact dance in order to transmit the subtle energetic nuances of hands-on teaching.

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Class 1:

Foundations of Touch

3 Hours

Identifying attitudes and core beliefs surrounding touch.

Touch as communication & embodied learning.

Verbal permission and non-verbal boundaries.

Adjustment Vs Correction.

Discussion (1 hour)

Somatic sensing practices to heighten intuitive listening. 

Attuning to the subtle energetic field of another. 

Developing clarity & direction through embodied leadership. 

Sensing and responding to non-verbal boundaries. 

Entering and leaving a persons practice effectively and respectfully. 

Increasing touch sensitivity, moving into and out of physical contact.

Developing awareness of touch neutrality.

Combining verbal cues with touch to maximise efficiency.

Adjustment of standing postures using energetic suggestion, mirroring & gentle touch: 
Tadasana, Utkatasana, Virabhadrasana I, Virabhadrasana II, Parsvakonasana, Trikonasana.

Practice (2 hours)


Self Inquiry Homework Sheet exploring core beliefs surrounding touch & teaching.

Class 2:

Asana Adjustment For Vinyasa 

3 Hours

Discussion (30 mins)

Sharing insights from the self-inquiry homework sheet.

Cultivating trust and sharing weight through adjustment.

Gaining immediate feedback for deeper adjustments.

“Yoga Therapy” and injury management in the classroom.

Inclusivity and phrasing to benefit the whole room.

Spatial awareness and intentional movement within the classroom.

Thai Massage techniques for applying and removing weight smoothly.

Weight-baring adjustments and joint safety.  

Developing awareness of touch neutrality.

Directional pressure.
“Hands on” sagittal alignment adjustments:

Cat-Cow, Balasana, Downward facing Dog, Chaturanga transitions,

Upward facing Dog, Uttanasana, Urdhva Uttanasana.

Practice (2.5 hours)

Class 3:

Asana Adjustment Continued 

3 Hours

Discussion (30 mins)

The bigger picture of adjustment.

Body scanning and finding pathways of adjustment.

Earth-Sky: Upper body & lower body connection.

Offering support to students in emotional breakdown.

Healing touch.

The blueprint of silence.


“Hands on” alignment adjustments:

Opening the chest & Enhancing rotation:
Parivrita Sukhasana, Parivrita Parsvakona, Trikonasana

Spinal Elongation and the front body: 
Parsvottanasana, Navasana, Dandasana, Pashimotanasana

Anchoring the earth connection:  
Jathara Parivartanasana, Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

Creating a blueprint of silence: Savasana

Practice (2:15 hours)


YTTs: USD $108 per hour

Receive a 10 % discount if you include 2 or more workshops in your YTT.

Studios: All 3 workshops for USD $130 per person

Studio rental is additional.

This Alignment Adjustments workshop series is adaptable to fit within the context of your Yoga Teacher Training schedule. This is really just a brief outline of the content I have to share on this topic, and this curriculum may be easily expanded into a much larger training.

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