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Shadows of Light Oracle Deck
50 Beautiful Oracle Cards & Guidebook


Direct and powerful, beautiful and wise, Shadows of Light Oracle Deck is an oracle to awaken your inner wisdom, bringing clarity and inspiration to your daily ritual.

This magical deck speaks with a playful seriousness to readers of all walks of life, flipping your perspective with captivating artwork and sharp, poetic writing.


Perfect if you love the boldness of the tarot but seek an oracle deck that is very easy to interpret.


The Cards

50 original ink paintings by magical realist, Haylee Clare

The oracle cards make an immediate impact with beautiful, evocative artwork.
The cards are rich in contrast, expressing both a playful lightness and a sharp seriousness that reaches into the shadows.

Shadows of Light Oracle Cards
Shadows of Light Oracle Cards Worth
Shadows of Light Oracle Cards
Shadows of Light Oracle Cards Freedom

The Deck

50 Cards

Full-frame artwork
88mm x 126mm
Premium 310 GSM card
Waterproof matte varnish

Sturdy clamshell style

Magnetic closing lid

Foil-stamped details

Ribbon to remove cards

120 pages
Pocket size 108cm x 146cm
Foil-stamped cover


10 Epic New Cards

Compelling New Writings

Radically Upgraded Product Design

Silver Stamped Inside & Out

Beautiful Clamshell Box

20% Larger Redesigned Book

Shadows of Light Oracle Deck
Shadows of Light Oracle Deck
Shadows of Light Oracle Cards

The Book

Shadows of Light Oracle Deck Book

The Shadows of Light Guidebook contains 50 powerful writings to accompany the cards. 


Infused with the wisdom of eastern spiritual traditions, this deck is the perfect addition to your yoga practice, workshop or retreat. 


There is nothing fluffy about Shadows of Light. This is an oracle that cuts straight to the point with wisdom, humour, and crystal clear insight.

Shadows of Light Oracle Book
Shadows of Light Oracle Book
Shadows of Light Oracle Deck Book

About the artist

Haylee Clare Creator of Shadows of Light Oracle

My name is Haylee Clare and I am the artist and author behind the Shadows of Light.


I grew up in a small country town in Australia, obsessively making art while quietly pondering existence. To be honest, I really don't know where my passion for the occult came from. At 19, I impulsively started studying Taoism through the lens of Chinese Medicine. This snowballed into 17 years of spiritual seeking & finding in the realms of non-duality, Tantric shaivism, yoga, meditation, natural medicines, mantra, puja & music.


In 2013, I sold everything I owned and have been living in Asia ever since.
I am now based in Bali where I teach yoga and help people remember their beauty, their wisdom and their magic through my art, music & retreats.


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Shadows of Light Oracle Deck
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